Decubitus Ulcer

Decubitus Ulcer

Decubitus Ulcer (also called Bed sores), are the injuries caused by lying on the back, face or side for a long time causing a prolonged pressure on the skin.

It is usually seen in elderly patients. More than 70% of patients with this disease are over 70 years of age. Elderly patient care is a very difficult and demanding subject.

Among the risk factors other than old age, which cause this disease, we can count neurological disorders, falling into bed due to chronic food deficiency, inability to move, and staying in bed for a long time due to devastating and severe diseases such as cancer. Decubitus Ulcer is also more likely to occur in intensive care units.

Tissue damage occurs due to lying for a long time, and the wound on the skin expands and deepens to the bone, forcing the patient to live in very difficult conditions.

Bedsores, which often occur in hospitalized patients, can also occur in any body area that is exposed to pressure.

Every person exposed to bed pressure or friction for 1 to 6 hours begins to develop pressure sores. It takes a very short time for the pressure to affect the tissue. Pressure ulcers form in a specific area.



For the bedridden patient, the most effective method of preventing bedsores is to motivate the patient to move from time to time.

If this is not possible, the patient should be turned 30 degrees to the right – left – prone and back in every two hours. It is very important to check whether the patient has a respiratory problem while turning them face down and back.

The use of an air mattress or orthopedic mattress is also important for patients to prevent pressure ulcers.

Particular attention should be paid to areas of the body where there are bony prominences. If any kind of rash is observed, it should be understood that the pressure in that area should be reduced and so the patient should be moved immediately. It is especially important that the skin is clean and dry.

Wet areas caused by either sweat or by body fluids should definitely be cleaned with pH 5.5 cleanser and carefully dried. Home care takes the first place in preventing scars. The sheets and the clothing of the patient should always be dry and hygienic. Their clothes should not be too tight. It should be ensured that there are no stinging materials such as buttons and zippers on the patient’s clothes.

It should also be noted that the clothes are easily removable and made of sanitary material.

If wound still cannot be prevented despite these, then it is necessary to pay great attention to wound care. Patient is a very difficult process for both the caregiver and the patient. The right treatments need to be found and applied immediately.



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