Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries are in the category of injuries that cause serious health damage. The depth, the size and the region of the burn; the risk of infection, and the age of the person are very important factors in terms of burn injuries.


Type of burns:

First-Degree Burns: The first layer of the skin (Epidermis) is burned. It is a dry, mild and edematous type of burn.

Second-Degree Burns: The 1st Layer (Epidermis) and 2nd Layer (Dermis) of the skin are burned. Blisters are formed on the skin. This kind of burn is also called blistering.

Third-Degree Burns: The skin is dry, eschar-like and hard. There may be burns infiltrated to the skin tissue, muscles, or even to the bone.

Accidental burns can be seen very common especially in our homes. Among the most common causes of burns, we can see burns caused by spilling hot liquids such as tea, coffee, boiling water and oil. In such cases, we know that some traditional methods are applied at home. But contrary to popular belief, the answer to the question whether toothpaste is good for burns will of course be “No”. Even if it provides temporary relief, it does not cure and does not prevent infection depending on the degree of burn.

When faced with a possible burn, the first thing to come to mind should be a product which is hygienic and quick-responding, and that will immediately relieve pain, relieve redness, and prevent the growth of microbes, bacteria and fungi in the burn wound.

One of the methods we recommend to apply for the burn wound would be to spread Zeoper Skin Care Powder liberally on the area exposed to the burn. Likewise, you can use Zeoper Skin Care Powder for sunburns. You can easily use the product on burns such as ice burns and steam burns.

During blister burn treatment, pour Zeoper over the damaged area. We strongly advise you not to pop any blisters.



  • Hand Burns
  • Body Burns
  • Water Burns (Hot tea/coffee burns)
  • Fire Burns
  • Oil Burns
  • Sunburns
  • Cold Burns
  • Wind Burns
  • Ice Burns
  • Steam Burns
  • Acid Burns
  • Iron Burns
  • Burns Caused by Welding Fume and Exhaust
  • Chemical Burns
  • Electrical Burns



The active ingredient of wound care powder is Clinoptilolite. It is a mineral formed by the cooling of volcanic lava and taking the form of volcanic rock. Wound care powder does not contain chemicals and cortisone, it is an organic mineral.

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