Foot Care

Foot Care

It removes odors caused by foot sweat, fungus and mold. It also helps relieve the tired feet.


Foot odor is a condition that negatively affects a person’s social life. During the day, our feet sweat inside our socks and shoes. Our feet have more sweat glands than any other part of our body. Sweat is not a smelly secretion in itself. Bacteria that occur with sweat is the main reason which causes odor. , Shoes, socks and the area between our toes are the common habitats which bacteria love. These bacteria feed on foot oils and dead skin cells on our feet. During this feeding period, they begin to produce organic acids and sulfur compounds are formed. It is these sulfur compounds that cause the actual foot odor.

 We can definitely say that there is a direct connection between feet sweat and foot odor.

As we said at the beginning of our article, foot odor reduces our quality of life. It is pretty unlikely that we will join a dinner with our feet stuck in the shoes for a long time all day, especially if our feet stink constantly. The information for foot sweat and foot odor which we are going to present below is very important.


The most effective way among the methods of removing foot odor, is to provide hygiene on the feet. To prevent foot sweating, you should apply Zeoper Skin Care Powder to your feet, and of course, you should prefer to wear cotton socks to absorb sweat and moisture. We advise you to keep in mind not to wear socks made of synthetic, nylon fabrics and very thin fabrics. Take care to wear new socks every day, and if possible, change your socks twice a day if you suffer from foot odor and sweat more than average.


You should be very careful when choosing shoes if you face sweaty feet more than usual. Your shoes are also an important factor in preventing foot odor and foot sweating. Leather shoes absorb moisture, prevent foot and bacterial growth so that your feet can breathe easily. You can pour Zeoper Skin Care Powder into your shoes after you take them off in the evening.


The definitive solution to foot odor is your personal cleaning at home using anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiperspirant products. For example, file your heels, cut your toenails often so that there are no fungal bacteria in them.


Zeoper Skin Care Powder is one of the rare products that offers you a solution to foot odor at home.

If you apply Zeoper Skin Care Powder regularly, you will be more likely to be able to take off your shoes easily wherever you go.



The active ingredient of Zeoper Skin Care Powder is Clinoptilolite. It is a mineral formed by the cooling of volcanic lava and taking the form of volcanic rock. Zeoper Skin Care Powder is a completely organic mineral which does not contain chemicals and cortisone.

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